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Tim Hortons Volunteers of the Week

Daisy MorganMarch 19, 2018

Daisy Morgan nominated by Chris Stetsko

Chris Stetsko nominates Daisy Morgan for Volunteers of the Week. Chris says “Daisy is mostly Chairperson for the Spinal Cord Injury of Alberta & Wolverine Wheelchair Sports but dose help out other clubs at the Grande Bingo Hall and her helps with casinos.  Daisy is very cheerful to everyone and is precise with her positions position.”



Alex RodeMarch 16, 2018

Alex Rode: Grande Prairie Centre for Newcomers

GPCN nominates Ales Rode for Volunteer of the Week. Since January 2018, Alex has been a co-facilitator for their Wednesday and Friday Evening Group for the Conversational English Club. Each week clients meet for 1 hour and 30 minutes to practice speaking English in a group setting through facilitated conversations. He is an active and mainly reliable young man. All students enjoy his friendly and patient approach. He is very serious about his volunteer work with GPCN and is genuinely interested in teaching, as well as learning himself about different cultures. GPCN is grateful and lucky to have Alex as a volunteer. 

Gwen PlouffeMarch 15, 2018

Gwen Plouffe: The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army nominates Gwen Plouffe. Gwen has been volunteering here for about 7 years, she always has a smile on her face, and helps us out in any way she can. Whether it be putting a call on hold, helping a client, or down-sizing (flour, sugar coffee). She has a great personality! We appreciate all you do for us.



Lise-Andree LevequeMarch 14, 2018

Lise-Adree Leveque: The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army nominates Lise-Adree Leveque.  Lise - Andree is an amazing volunteer, is originally from Quebec and speaks French as her first language. She started volunteering here so she could learn more English, and she is an excellent helper, she is so fun to talk to, in French & English, and has done an amazing job in our diaper room, and kitchen. She is so humble and we really appreciate all her hard work!

Le l'Armée du Salut nomine Lise-Adree Leveque.  Lise - Andrée est une bénévole extraordinaire, originaire du Québec et parle le français comme première langue. Elle a commencé à faire du bénévolat ici pour apprendre davantage l'anglais, et elle est une excellente aide. Elle est tellement amusante à parler, en français et en anglais, et a fait un travail extraordinaire dans notre salle de couches et dans la cuisine. Elle est si humble et nous apprécions vraiment tout son travail!

Evelyn StarkMarch 13, 2018

Evelyn Stark: The Salvation Army

Evelyn Stark is a great attribute to the Salvation Army. She has been volunteering there for over 11 years. She spends all of her time in the kitchen, with serving the food, washing the dishes and always making their clients smile. The Salvation Army says “She is a lovely lady and we appreciate all your hard work!”




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