The Stitch Club of Grande Prairie Nominated by Marilyn Woloszyn


Last year in Grande Prairie, 1540 knitted items which included hats, scarves, mittens, blankets, and more were donated to charities like Rotary House, Coats for Kids, Elder’s Caring Shelter and 7 other organizations by one hard working group.  The Stitch Club of Grande Prairie knit away and socialize for a few hours once a week at the Heritage Lodge. Compromised of mostly retired ladies the Stitch Club started in 2001 as a way to past the time and make new acquaintances. Realizing the amount of items produced and, according to some members, being told by family and loved ones they had enough knitted socks to last a lifetime the group decided to start donating to 10 local non-profit agencies that distribute the items to those in need.

The Stitch Club members enjoy their time knitting and chatting with one another.  The shared hobby has led to long term friendships among the group and has helped the individuals as well.  Knitting actually has many health benefits it helps improve anxiety, stress and depression, slows cognitive decline, helps prevent arthritis and more. The ladies take great pride in their work and continue to help the community with their crocheted creations.

The club relies on contributions of yarn from the public in order to create items for donation but when needed they have bought materials themselves but this is quite costly as each items can cost 10 dollars or more to make. Their goal this year is to make 1800 items for donation and hope that they community can help them reach this goal by donating the needed materials. If you wish to help out the Stitch Club of GP you can make arrangements to donate yarn by contacting any of the following Club Representatives:

Anne at 780-505-2252

Alice at 780-532-6662

Cindy at 780-897-2338.

The Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau would like to thank the Stitch Club of Grande Prairie Members; Darlene Anderson, Marilyn Balderson, Kay Balmer, Diana Burgess, Aileen Cormack, Irene Gitzel, Gwen Melnyk, Ethel Miller, Doreen Nichol, Anne Sawchuk, Donna Sawchuk, Gloria Sirman, Claudia Smathers, Liz Steinke, Betty Stokes, Eloise Tharp & Cindy Wendorf for their work helping the community and being ‘Caught in the Act’ of volunteering. 


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