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Tyler Bojarski 

Volunteer with MS Scoiety, Couth Peace Chapter

by Fringina Mukaga, Communications

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Like many teenagers who find themselves with a day off school Tyler Bojarski was ready to settle into some comfy clothes, “sit on [his] butt and do nothing”. Luckily for Tyler, his Mother Sherri had other plans in mind. He explains:

My mom was trying to keep me busy so she called the Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau to find out if there was any volunteer opportunities that I could do on my days off. They connected me to the MS Society and I went there and volunteered for 3 days.

At just 14 years of age this marked Tyler’s first encounter with volunteerism. Because of his age Tyler’s efforts were limited to maintenance and administrative support which according to Tyler was pretty tough as it inhibited his ability to “sit on my butt and do nothing”.

Although his initial reaction was begrudgingly compliant, Tyler eventually relented as his shy nature gave way to curiosity. “At first it felt like a job,” he says “but then I started talking to people and now it feels like home.” Among those who have made the MS Society feel like home is Tanja Rakic, the Client Services and Development Coordinator for Alberta & NWT Division who writes: 

... While Tyler was here he wanted to know more about my job and MS, so I used this opportunity to educate Tyler about Multiple Sclerosis and explained some of my job duties. I found Tyler to be very insightful, cooperative and respectful to others. Tyler demonstrated confidence and great communication skills while engaging in discussion with one of our clients.  Both clients and I enjoyed having Tyler around and found him very helpful to our organization.

For Tyler, the time spent with a wheel chair bound client with MS was eye opening as it allowed him to meet and engage with someone who has been affected by the illness. This encounter led Tyler to the realization that those affected with MS “are no different than anyone else.”

Inspired by his grandfather who volunteers for the MS Society in Lloydminster, Tyler has decided to continue volunteering with the MS Society here in Grande Prairie. He has now contributed an astounding 15 hours of service to the organization since beginning his service three weeks ago. Additionally Tyler has reached out to other organizations in an effort to volunteer. “Through Volunteer Services Bureau I was able to learn about other volunteer opportunities,” he says. “They connected me with the Canadian Cancer Society so one day I ran the score board at the “Face off against Cancer” hockey tournament.”

Despite being referred to as a “weirdo” by friends Tyler believes that volunteering is important and encourages everyone to give it a try claiming “Volunteering isn’t as hard people think. It doesn’t hurt to even try it and it only takes a couple hours out of your day. You gain a valuable experience that can help you with your job search [plus] you can get a letter of recommendation if you do a good job while volunteering for someone!”


 MS Society, South Peace Chapter 

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 The MS Society provides services to people with multiple sclerosis and their families and funds research to find the cause and cure for this disease.  We have a membership of 28,000 and are the only national voluntary organization in Canada that supports both MS research and services.

Since our founding in 1948, the core support of the MS Society has been from tens of thousands of dedicated individuals, companies and foundations in communities across Canada. The Society receives almost no funding from government.

The head office of the MS Society is located in Toronto, Ontario. Division offices are located in Dartmouth, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Address: South Peace Region

#103, 10901 – 100 St. (Genland Building) Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2M9

Tanja Rakic | Coordinator, Client Services & Development, Alberta & NWT Division

Telephone: 780-532-3204 Fax: 780-532-1035

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.mssociety.ca




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